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Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan Municipal League via flickr


Royal Oak Church exists in downtown Royal Oak. However, we have many members and attenders from surrounding cities in Oakland County such as Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, Madison Heights, Hazel Park, Birmingham, Troy, and even certain Macomb County cities such as Warren


If you live in Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, Berkley, Clawson Madison Heights or even parts of Birmingham, you likely will only have a several minute drive to our church. Royal Oak is a community "hub" that many individuals from surrounding cities enjoy.


If you are from cities such as Ferndale, Clawson, Berkley Pleasant Ridge, Madison Heights, Hazel Park, etc, you have the luxury of having at ROC that is only a short driving distance from your home. 


We also have are located right near 11 and Main and there are many great spots to eat after church on Main St. and Washington St and elsewhere. Sometimes our church holds events in the community in downtown Royal Oak and areas close by. 


We want to welcome those of you in neighboring cities searching for a church to come visit us at ROC. We are close, community-oriented, and offer a great place of worship for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our page!

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